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    Under the "identity, loyalty, responsibility, dedication, integrity, sensible, united , progressive" guidance of the spirit Boda, Boda people are in the "ideal for employees, create value for customers, contribute to the motherland, to promote human health , microwave change the world, to open the future Boda "the corporate mission, positive contributions to forge ahead. For the liberation of the labor force more companies, factories intelligence technology to enhance escort. For the design, production and optimization of the industry more intelligent production line turnkey project, sweat pouring, technology and wisdom.

    Question:Microwave sterilizing principle

    • Answer:

      First is the "thermal effect", due to the molecular polarization and high speed oscillation ,under the microwave energy, products temperature will rise so that it could kill the bacteria .

      Second is the "Non-thermal effect", for parasitic insects and bacteria, through the microwave high speed polarization effect to their molecule, which will result in the rupture of the cell membranes of the microorganism(bacteria) and damage their survival and reproduction conditions, in order to cause the death of the bacteria .

      Microwave sterilizers combine this two effects together to reach the sterilizing effect.

    Question:Questions needs to confirm with customers ?

    • Answer:

      a.What material would you like to process ?

      b.How many kg would you like to process per hour ?

      c.Initial moisture and final moisture for the material ?

      d.Do you special requirements for drying temperature ?

    Question:What about maintenance& after-sales service?

    • Answer:

      In addition to downtime for cleaning and inspection, conventional dryers and heat exchangers need periodic servicing with an expensive inventory of parts and a highly trained labor force. For microwave dryer, the only part that requires maintenance is the magnetron. In the event of a malfunction or misuse through incorrect operation, this can easily be replaced in less than thirty minutes. Generally, BODA recommends that the magnetron of industrial microwave dryer be replaced annually or after 8,000 hours of operation, whichever is sooner.

      Our equipment is operated by PLC, is easy to operate. We can provide professional installation and after sales service overseas, and an official maintenance manual, user manual will be provided to customer before we deliver the machine to customer. We can train the engineer or operator dispatched by customer at our factory or on the working site overseas. The training is professional and free.

    Question:What about economics?

    • Answer:

        Common misconception is that microwave heating is always more expensive than heating by conventional techniques. The actual answer depends on the application and local utility costs. In some cases, microwaves can be more efficient than conventional systems, resulting in major savings in energy consumption and cost especially the material moisture level is less than 20% and dried to moisture level 1-2% or less.

    Question:What about safety?

    • Answer:

      Using patented applicator design geometries and a unique slotted choking mechanism, BODA technology reduces microwave leakage from system entry and exit points to virtually non-detectable levels. The microwave leakage under standard GB10436-89 is ≤5mW per sq.cm, BODA standard is ≤1mW per sq.cm. This poses no threat of electromagnetic radiation to the health and safety of equipment operators.

      BODA heaters and dryers are designed to operate at a level of electromagnetic emission strickly. As a further precaution, all BODA control systems are supplied with safety interlocks and leakage detectors that shut down power instantaneously in the event of equipment malfunction or misuse.

    Question:What are the disadvantages?

    • Answer:

      First, only electricity is feasible, there are not much heating sources for customers to choose from.

      Second, microwave heating only works on these materials which could absorb microwave.

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