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    • Silicon carbide production line
    • Silicon carbide production line
    • Silicon carbide production line
    • Silicon carbide production line
    • Silicon carbide production line
    • Silicon carbide production line
    • Silicon carbide production line
    • Silicon carbide production line

    Silicon carbide production line

    Applicable Materials:This production line is mainly used for green silicon carbide production process. It can also be used for the reference to the production of the black silicon carbide, recycled sand, silica.

    Intention to establish this production line is environmentally friendly, efficient, labor saving, feed out from the mill that is pumped through the acid-base washing mashing pool, overflow, precipitation, and then through the slurry feed pump hit each centrifugation preliminary drying machine, centrifuge directly connected to microwave hopper, into the subsequent microwave drying, microwave drying process itself, no dust pollution, cutting time if the auger or spiral butt lift, then there will be little dust pollution, the need to add a small station dust bag, then carry out a semicolon or a sieve loose material according to the following manner, final packaging.

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    Silicon carbide is a synthetic material with good thermal conductivity and super hardness. It has been widely used in the fields of super refractory and abrasive materials and other industries. Here offers the highlight introduction of green silicon carbide powder production line. Meanwhile, it is also the raw materials for the solar photovoltaic industry and semiconductor industry. It occupies a very important position of the science development in the future. The issues of pollution, high energy consumption and intensity labors during drying process have a bad influence for the silicon carbide industrial production. Our processing line is characterized by energy-saving, environment-friendly, high efficiency, non-pollution, lower labor intensity, high degree of automatic etc.,

    Silicon carbide is the common materials used in the abrasives industry. The application is very versatile and the production process is very complicated. It is a high energy consumption and high pollution industry. Silicon carbide can be divided into black silicon carbide and green silicon carbide. now the industry is silicon carbide with diethyl silica and carbon (coal) synthesis of silicon carbide, silicon carbide and more on the industrial synthesis of quartz sand, petroleum coke (anthracite) as main raw materials in an electric furnace at a temperature in 2000 ~ 2500 ℃, prepared by the reaction, this is no longer the focus described below mainly green silicon carbide powder technology will be described. Before the old process is very backward, mostly by drying or drum or kang room, there is a big disadvantage, such as dust pollution, high energy consumption, high labor costs, poor working conditions and so on shortcomings, I am the Secretary for the industry introduced the following process:


    1.It have changed the issue of high pollution production condition fundamentally.

    2.It have solved the dust pollution problem. The whole production line was connected with pumps, vacuum conveyor etc., Microwave drying is a negative pressure static drying process without dust pollution.

    3.The whole production line are labor saving and energy saving. All is connected by pumps, vacuum conveyors which reducing the labor strength greatly. simplify clerk and save around 1/3 than original ,more labor saving, microwave drying technology adopts its penetrability, saving massive heat loss, heat conduction rate is around 93%, greatly improve the product added value, energy saving is more than 50%

    4.It have solved the environmental friendly problem, compared with coal burning drying room, gas burning kiln, flash etc method, the whole drying technology is using electricity, more environmental friendly

    5.It have solved the labor healthy problem, the entire workshop closing connection, clean, no dust, working environment greatly improved and solved the healthy problem.

    6.The entire production line automatic operation remote control, PLC operation interface, high automatic and all adjustable

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