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    |Solutions |Flowers/Herbs
    • Rose production line
    • Rose production line
    • Rose production line
    • Rose production line
    • Rose production line
    • Rose production line
    • Rose production line
    • Rose production line

    Rose production line

    Applicable Materials:Rose (half open rose, buds),chrysanthemum, honeysuckle, sunflowers flowers,Stevia rebaudiana, ginkgo, mushroom, agaric,dehydrate vegetables,dried fruits, Chinese herbal medicine etc.

    According to roses characteristics, adopting the microwave and hot air composite processing technology, add the cell sape collection, condensate system, which is a high intelligent composite production line.

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    It is an intelligent production line specially designed for roses by utilization the advantages of microwave and hot air technology according to the characteristics of roses and fully consideration of the effects such as temperature and drying time on roses during drying process. By adopting cell sap condensation and collection system during drying process, it not only offer raw materials for the next deep processing part but also increase the product economy value.


    1.Make sure that the product is without any contamination by coloring agents, color fixative and other chemicals. Maintain the quality of the roses such as smell, color, shapes in most degree.

    2.Adopting advanced mature technology the production can be automatic and high effective. The key parts are famous brand. It is easy and convenient to operate, maintain.The whole processing line is with long service life and stable structure.

    3.Temperature ,conveyor speed, material distribution thickness, wind volume etc all adjustable.

    4.We could customize the production line according to your process capacity .

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