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    • Dog food production line

    Dog food production line

    Applicable Materials:Animal feed.

    The design of this production line is based on the current advanced processing flow and dog food production processing features as well as the requirements on intelligent production, which can realize continuous and automatic production.

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    The features of the production line: environmental protection, high efficiency, save human cost.Equipment stable performance and reliable, quality can be guaranteed, low running cost, low energy consumption. Equipment can be placed according to the customer's sit requirements, safety and convenient.High degree of automation, greatly reduces the labor costs and operating costs.

    Technological process

    Mixed material --Feeding --Puffing --Air conveyor--drying --Flavoring --Roller--Oil sprayer--packaging


    1.Through adjust the raw material, temperature, moisture and other process parameters and make dog food shape more novelty, taste more unique, nutrition more rich, organization more exquisite, it is suitable for kinds of pet flavours.

    2.High degree of automation, the whole production line can realize perfect link, adjustable control, simple operation

    3.Low power consumption, low operating costs, reduce the labor, artificial cost is greatly reduced.

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