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    • Dates slice processing production line

    Dates slice processing production line

    Applicable Materials:Red dates, palm dates

    Based on the domestic red dates processing technology, the production line is improved with intelligent, continuous and automatic production. With less labors and functions of centralized control, remote operation and production data collecting, it has been the most leading date slices production line in our domestic market.

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    The entire production line is with accurate control process and strict quality control. It is in line with food production management practices. With high automatic and reliable and stable machine parts, it realizes the minimum human intervention.

    Technological process


    1.High intelligence

    The entire production line is high automatic and efficiency and centralized controlled. It is energy saving and environmental friendly. Parameters of each part of the production process can be adjustable. It is convenient for production management.

    2.Equipment running stable

    The machine of the production line run stable and have a good connection of the prior and next process part. It is high production efficiency. All the machines are advanced, reliable and practical. Main parts and components adopt superior famous brand or national approved factory products with long service life to guarantee the production work.

    3.High product quality

    Pure and natural green products, no pollution, no additives.

    4.Reasonable workshop layout

    The overall production line layout design has considered the reasonableness of the process and public works. The layout of the equipment coordinates the workshop environment. The machines are easy to operate and maintain. It looks clean and grace.

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