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    • Chrysanthemum production line

    Chrysanthemum production line

    Applicable Materials:Chrysanthemum. White chrysanthemum. Baby chrysanthemum, Rudbeckia, Small Chrysanthemum, Wild Chrysanthemum.

    The production line is suitable for drying and de-enzyming of flower tea products. It adopts the microwave heating principle which energy can directly act on molecular materials, making molecules interaction between each other to produce concussion for 2.4 billion and 50 million times per second, Heat generated from the mutual friction between molecules. To achieve the effect of heating and drying.

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    The Chrysanthemum production line is dried by microwave assisted multilayer hot air dryer. First of all, chrysanthemum are distributed uniformly on the belt. Then the chrysanthemum are heated rapidly to keep the original shape and color by adopting microwave heating energy. The chrysanthemum remove 20-25% moisture by influence of microwave and hot air. After keeping the original nature of the flower, the chrysanthemum are transported to the drying chamber of the hot air dryer. And the chrysanthemum are dried by cross flow heating method under the situation of temperature and humidity control.

    Technological process

    Raw material evenly distribute→De-enzyming/shape and color keeping by microwave→Microwave& hot air drying→Low temperature hot air drying→Final product discharge.


    This production line takes fully advantages of microwave and hot air. The production line optimizes the factors affecting the drying rate (material energy, the surface area of raw material and the air flow). By adopting microwave heating method, the production line drying speed is high. The hot air dehumidification is efficient, the drying efficiency is high, and energy savings is significant.

    The production line adopts advanced mature technology and equipment which make the production automatic and high efficiency. The working environment is improved, and labor productivity is increased. It ensures the practical technological process and high efficient energy saving. 

    The entire production line ensures the original products avoiding the contamination and addition of chemical materials such as sulfur, chemical colorants, colour fixative etc., The line can keep the quality of chrysanthemum((Odor, color, shape and flowers malleability) and so on.

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