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    Boda microwave wonderful debut in 2016 China Innovation Entrepreneurship Fair


    On May 27, 2016 China innovation entrepreneurship fair officially kicked off in China Import and Export Fair Complex of Guangzhou, Henan Boda Microwave Equipment Co., Ltd (hereinafter "Boda microwave") were invited to the exhibition,

    The leaders of the National Association for science and technology come to Boda microwave booth for visiting and guidance on the first day of opening.

    Boda microwave wonderful debut in 2016 China Innovation Entrepreneurship Fair

    This exhibition was defined as high-level, large-scale, which was innovative and creative activities deployed by the premier personally. Nearly 1000 scientific and technological organizations from China, the European Union, Russia and the United States, Hong Kong Macao and Taiwan participated this fair.Boda microwave exhibition project was selected by the State for category A projects, proving that Boda microwave's innovative strength and industry status has been recognized by the State. Boda microwave will make full use of this exhibition, showing their industrial manufacturing and the latest achievements of science and technology innovation, actively communicating and conducting mutually beneficial cooperation with foreign companies.

    This exhibition, Boda microwave high temperature muffle furnace equipment started a solo run, which was an innovative product improved based on Boda strong scientific research, and is a concentrated expression of a number of new materials, new technology, new devices, new technology. Its high cost performance is popular with customers and also attracted a large number of customers stop to inquire.

    Since the party's 18, President Jinping Xu put innovation at the heart of national development, attach great importance to scientific and technological innovation. Boda microwave microwave industry as the leading enterprise of China, respond positively to the national call, around the implementation of innovation-driven development strategy, have built Boda Research Center, insisting independent development of core components, breakthrough frontier technology by different points stage . Now Boda has three province, and city level engineering technology research centers, and 14 project development groups, covering agricultural, and manufacturing, and material, and energy-saving and new energy, and modern traffic, and biological and medicine, and resources development, and environmental protection, and social career, etc. And Boda currently has 12 items invention patents, and 366 items practical new patent, and became close type strategy partners relationship with Chinese Academy of Sciences, high temperature material Research Institute, and three mill research institutions, putting Frontier scientific research achievements into productivity, and go-to-market.

    In the future, Boda microwave will continue to implement management and technology innovation, relying on strong Boda research and Development Center, a highly intelligent manufacturing system, dedicated to intelligent product development, intelligent manufacturing upgrades and advancement of the intelligence services, to create a full range of technical core competencies, becoming the industry's leading intelligent microwave equipment manufacturing enterprises, continuing to lead the microwave industry forward.

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